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Massage Therapy Queanbeyan

Finding a Natural Path to Relief and Recovery in Queanbeyan

Massage therapy has many benefits.

Massage is a natural pain reliever.

Pain is a sign that your body uses to tell you something is wrong. When pain strikes, many reach for medications to mask their discomfort. Rather than eliminating the cause of the problem, these painkillers only cover up symptoms. Massage therapy can help relieve your pain by relaxing tense muscles and releasing blocks in your energy channels, increasing your circulation and lymphatic drainage.

How Massage Helps You Heal

Massage’s many benefits come from stimulation of the circulatory, nervous and respiratory systems, connective tissue and muscle. It also boosts the lymphatic systems of the body, enhancing the elimination of excess fluids, pathogenic organisms, toxins and waste.

Massage also relaxes muscles and decreases spasm or pain. It breaks up scar tissue and increases the mobility of joints and tissues while promoting relaxation and the release of emotional tension. All of these benefits combined act to improve energy, wellbeing, healing and athletic performance.

Massage therapy may provide relief from a variety of issues:

  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Depression
  • Digestive disorders
  • Enhancing of physical condition
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle pain
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Sports injury
  • Stress
  • Tension
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    Suiting Massage Techniques to Your Needs

    There is a wide range of massage modalities offered, tailored to your preferences and the specific outcomes you seek to achieve.

    faviconRelaxation Massage

    Slow, rhythmic strokes relax your body, stimulate the nervous system and relax the body. You’ll find your mind calmed and overall wellbeing increased, making this style of massage wonderful for those suffering from anxiety, depression, grief, stress and tension.

    faviconTherapeutic and Remedial Massage

    These types of massage are useful for helping acute or chronic injuries, tension, sports injury, long-term stress or poor posture. A stronger form of massage, this approach deals deeply with the physical condition of the body.


    Reflex points on the feet

    Reflex points on the feet correspond to many parts of the body.

    Reflex points on the feet correspond to the many muscles, glands and organs of the body. By working on these points, we can improve blood circulation, relieve stress and unblock nerve impulses to restore homeostasis to the body’s systems.

    faviconPregnancy Massage

    Mothers-to-be have a specific and unique set of needs. We’ll work to relax you, relieve you from neck and back pain and support you in enjoying your pregnancy. Massage can also be beneficial after delivery to assist in returning your internal organs to their normal positions.

    faviconEnergy Balancing

    This system of gentle bodywork is also known as polarity therapy. We aim to balance the positive and negative poles of energy using hands-on healing techniques. Energy balancing is usually worked into your massage session to aid in relaxing you, but can be done as a full session.


    Sports massage helps recovery.

    Sports massage can help muscles recover more quickly.

    Essential oil blends can be appropriate in different situations. We can make a blend specifically for you and are happy to make recommendations about which oils may be beneficial for you.

    faviconSports Massage

    Athletes post-event can improve blood circulation, increase venous and lymphatic movement, stimulate nerve endings to reduce delayed muscle soreness, help muscles function at their maximum potential and remove toxins and waste from the blood with sports massage. Before your event, we can release fascial restricts for a better range of motion and nerve conduction as well as supplying muscles with increased circulation. Injury rehabilitation is also an important element of sports massage.

    faviconKa Huna Massage

    Also known as Hawaiian Temple Massage and Lomi Lomi, Ka Huna massage originated with the Ka Hunas, masters of this sacred, ancient tradition. It was used during rites of passage, using fluid rhythm and touch to help let go of stress and fatigue and allowing body, mind and soul to connect and balance. It’s deeply relaxing and wonderfully invigorating, with depth and strength suited to your individual needs.


    Many Benefits of Massage

    faviconEases Stress

    Benefits of massage

    Massage helps detoxify the body.

    Work and home life can put numerous stresses on us, leading to pain and stiffness. Stress can cause headaches, migraines, hypertension, depression, anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain and more. In fact, researchers estimate that 80% of disease is stress-related! Soothing, relaxing massage counteracts stress and releases tension, improving your overall wellbeing.

    faviconIncreases Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

    With increased blood circulation comes a better supply of nutrition and removal of waste material. Massage can be useful in detoxifying the body, improving lymph movement to aid the immune system and lessening aches, swelling, PMS, sinusitis, sluggish bowels, headaches, low energy levels and sinusitis.

    faviconIncrease Performance

    Speed recovery from fatigue post-exercise with massage that sustains your health and prevents injury through maintaining the nutrition, flexibility and vitality of muscle tissues. Massage stretches specific areas of tissue in a way that functional exercise can’t, using deep strokes to draw tissues apart so that you can have a greater range of movement.

    faviconInjury Rehabilitation

    Injury to the tendons, ligaments or muscle tissue cause restricted movement and function. With specific massage techniques, we’ll break down adhesions and loosen knots so that blood can flow to the injured area and start healing.


    Relieving headaches

    Don’t reach for a pill next time you have a headache!

    Self-massage for Headache Relief

    Don’t reach for a pill next time you have a headache! Instead, try this simple acupressure point to naturally relieve tension.

    faviconSqueezing and Lifting the Nape

    Holding the nape of your neck with both hands crossing your fingers, bend your head backwards. At the same time, squeeze and lift the skin and muscles up with the heels of the hands. Hold for one minute.

    faviconPressing and Kneading the Hegu Point

    N.B.: Do not press this point if you are pregnant.

    An acupressure point between the thumb and finger, you can apply pressure and knead with your other thumb to the left and right for one minute. Stimulating the Hegu point can cause some discomfort that radiates into your fingers.

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