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Top Suthayakhom, Occupational Therapist

Improving Your Quality of Life

Top Suthayakhom, Occupational Therapist

Top Suthayakhom, Occupational Therapist

Growing up, Top saw some of his family members who weren’t getting the support they needed through the healthcare system. He knew he wanted to enter the field to assist others in achieving a higher quality of life, receiving better outcomes from their healthcare.

Working initially as a chiropractic assistant, Top then moved into working with two of the leading area physiotherapy practices in Canberra. He joined Integrated Natural Therapies in 2016 after having worked in the industry for over five years.

Helping a Variety of Different Needs

All types of people are welcome to experience what Top has to offer. He sees children, adolescents, adults and seniors. He’s worked with grassroots, community-level athletes to those at the elite and international level. People with specific needs such as those on the autism spectrum, the visually impaired and those with disorders like cerebral palsy can also benefit from Top’s knowledge and methods.

Top considers all allied health professionals body workers essential to helping people with varying needs. He is happy to work with your other practitioners to give you the greatest benefit. The services he provides include training, sports rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation, dry needling and soft tissue massage, which are all part of occupational therapy.

We look forward to meeting you and discovering how we can help you. Schedule your appointment today!

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